Come and experience Jesus! | 2012 Podcasts
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2012 Podcasts

Walking the highway of Holiness.

We are an intersection in our lives and in the spirit. We are entering into a new 10 year period where the prophets are saying that it's going to be the most supernatural manifestion that we have seen since the reformation. There is also going to be a...

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This Christmas, expect to be challenged.

This Christmas, expect to be challenged. Expect the Holy Spirits indwelling. Joseph expected the Holy Spirits infilling in Mary. Something phenomenal is about to happen. Jesus is coming on the clouds once again. He is coming to those that are eagerly expecting His return. Expect...

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God is a God of details

God is a God of details from Dorchester Christian Family Ctr on Vimeo. Rest assured everything detailed in God's word will come to pass. Their is a leading up to the fulfillment of Jesus.  This Christmas expect!…God has a perfect plan and purpose. Trust Him with your daily lives!  Trust Him!  He has...

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Your faith needs to be fed!

Most Christians miss it because they don't continually speak the word and sow their seed. God knows that we need reminding.  He's a supernatural God and God reminds us in Deuteronomy not to give in fear!  He can make a way when there seems to be know way.  Don't lean on...

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