Come and experience Jesus! | Our Vision
Dorchester Christian Family Centre, Dorchester, Ontario
Dorchester Christian Family Centre, Dorchester, Ontario
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Our Vision

WHY Dorchester Christian Family Centre?

Providing a Dynamic and Relevant Church to the greater area of Dorchester, Ontario Canada

We invite anyone to join us in celebrating the presence of the Lord Jesus in our worship, in the preaching and teaching of God’s word, and in the joy of being able to have Him walk with us in our daily lives.  We pray that you may know and experience the reality of Jesus today.  May you be blessed!

~ Pastor Anita Guetter

Our Story

Our story goes back through many trials and tests, but the point is we always prevail when we have faith in a promise from our God!  The Lord spoke to Pastor Anita one day to put an offer on this plot of land by HWY 401. We offered less than the asking price. Through a series of miraculous breakthroughs we bought our field, according to a promise, “go buy a field”.  A big part of the miracle was that we made a decision to do the whole vision debt free.  We continued to pray earnestly every week that the Lord would provide again on a promise,  “I will build my church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.”

Many new families, especially young families, starting out are learning to walk in faith, due to a standard based on His word and promises.  Without faith, it is impossible to please Him, and with faith and patience, we have inherited our promises.  It is now the reality that we are living.

Our focus now is that we will work together in unity to get the good news out. God loves people and has an awesome plan for every person & family in this thriving community of Dorchester and surrounding area!

We believe that as we emulate His example in our lives, prayers, and worship, we will bless lives – including our own, and He will draw a people to Himself.

The Vision of the Land

I see a need for a place where friends and families can go to bond and have fun! I believe outdoor fun is vital to the total well-being of humanity. Since we are body, soul and spirit. I envision a family centre to meet all aspects of humanity. I envision a little piece of heavenly fun and fellowship on the earth (“on earth as it is in heaven”). I envision men getting together to work, pray, plan for missions and make this vision materialize and have fun doing it. I envision women getting together to pray, learn, share and pour into the children and teen’s lives so they can nurture a new generation to live balanced lives based on biblical principal and have fun too!

~ Pastor Anita Guetter

Some aspects of the vision are clearly seen and operate effectively as we see renewal and restoration in many lives. Ask, people how their lives are different since they’ve come.

Other aspects are “hidden in our hearts”. These have been unfolding as we’ve purchased 83 acres of land, and are finding places in His plan and purposes.

Ministry branches include: Weekly Sunday Celebration Services

      • Prayer, counselling and deliverance
      • Small groups – bible studies, prayer, fellowship, outreach, accountability
      • Youth ministry – weekly worship, bible study, outreach
      • Children’s ministry – learning Godly character through art, drama, music and stories
      • By-weekly Mens group for accountabilty and prayer
      • Women of the Word
      • Intercessory Prayer
      • Evangelical Outreach & Promotion (tracts, newspaper, door to door)
      • Marriage Ministry (retreats, seminars, counciling, prayer, accountability, Alpha marriage course)
      • Alpha Courses
      • And More, Much More!

Hiking Trails
Youth Centre
(café, pool, shuffleboard, outdoor fun, outreach centre)

  • BMX biking, rock climbing, skateboarding
  • Children’s train ride (not on tracks but on wheels)
  • Fun Park for children – equipment, sand, monkey bars, forts
  • Winter Sports – cross country skiing, skating
  • Retreats (women’s, men’s, teens, healing and marriage seminars)
  • Summer Camps – programs, music, games, activities, evangelical
  • Animal care, petting zoo
  • Farming and fundraising projects
  • Sports – baseball, soccer, volleyball, basketball, gym