Come and experience Jesus! | 2016 Podcast
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2016 Podcast

God’s greatest desire is you.

As disciples, we must be: 1) Learners and Seekers 2) Character Builders 3) Growing in Love for God, Yourself and Others 4) Submissive to Christ as Lord over our Lives 5) Purpose Driven...

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The Body – It is God’s Ideas - “But God has put the body together…”...

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He is Faithful to His Promises

There are thousands of promises in the WORD. God is not like man so He cannot lie. It takes time for promises to be fulfilled. He is faithful to perform every promise He has made!...

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Jesus is our comforter

Society is all about comfort. Relationships, finances, school, career, marriage, sometimes life is uncomfortable. When life is uncomfortable, Jesus is our comforter. ...

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