Tithes & Offerings

3 Ways to Give

Our church believes in the principle of tithes and offerings and of providing believers with the opportunity to give to the Lord, not that we are looking for the gift but that those that give will be blessed, that it will be credited to your account. ( Philippians 4)

So with that in mind there are 3 options for you to give your tithes and offerings:

1.  In person

Services are held every Sunday 10:30 am

1256 Cromarty Drive, Dorchester, Ontario N0L 1G5

2.  E-Transfer

To register for E-Transfers please contact Doug Ellis at  [email protected]
and you will be provided with an Email Address, a  Security Question  and an Answer to use for this process. 

3. Mail to

This is for Checks only, do not send cash
                   DCFC  C/O D. Ellis 
                   PO Box 114
                   Dorchester, Ont
Please enclose a note with your name and the amount.
It is important to know who the tithe or offering is from to keep track of your giving with our records. This can be done at any time.