2012 Podcasts

People problems

Have you been challenged to forgive people? The longer you wait the harder it is to get rid of it.  Whoever harbours a grudge, you can see it on them, you aren't free until you forgive.   The word of God is full of accounts of people problems….Deuteronomy is all about...

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Review and Remembering!

http://vimeo.com/54121156 The word "remember" is in the book of Deuteronomy 14 times. The Lord reminds us how easy it could have been but you decided to go round and round the same old mountain for 40 years. The Lord says, "He remembers our sins no more". The only reason He wants us...

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Treasures in the dark places

Grace Ellis opens our eyes and ears and brings the scripture Isaiah 45 down to earth in terms we can really understand. Some of us are sitting in prisons cells with gates of iron and bars of bronze caught in addictions, sickness and other dark places of our souls. There...

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