2014 Podcasts

God wants us to ALWAYS triumph!

Israel had experienced the biggest thrill by God supernaturally knocking down the walls of Jericho. They had tremendous victory, but there was only one guy, one guy named Achan who was tempted. Sometimes we are more vulnerable when we are on a high, when things are going great!...

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What are your Jericho’s?

The Lord Jesus is standing with a drawn sword, He is on Heavens side and so are we! Let's come into agreement with God and claim what he has for us. As we look at Joshua 6, Jericho represents strongholds; whether it be health, finances, relationships, etc. ...

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Holy Spirit train….we are on a journey

The word is our contract. It is important to know what is in the contract so we know what is ours. Choose to believe and eventually it becomes reality, our feelings will eventually line up. We need to know that we are on the Holy Spirit train, a journey and...

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