Get Involved

We would be wasting our breath if God wasn’t in this with us. It is His divine contribution that keeps our shield of faith up, standing shoulder to shoulder in prayer. He can prompt us to pray something that is the perfect answer to another person’s problem, without us even being aware of the significance of what we just said. God knows and he wants to connect with us far more than we know.

FIND YOUR FIT – we have shoes to fill.

We believe that God has brought each and every one of us into community with one another and has equipped us for a specific function within that community. It is our desire to see everyone discover where they fit and enable them to live it out! Here is a list of some teams to get involved with and find your fit here at Dorchester Christian Family Centre.




The Host Teams goal is to create an inviting and welcoming atmosphere that engages people right where they are and points them to Jesus. This includes welcoming people as they walk in the door, helping new families navigate around the church, answering questions, making coffee, or anything else we can think of to create an atmosphere for a thriving community. Please email us to get involved!


Already a member of Dorchester Christian Family Centre?  If you are interested in participating in a homegroup send us an email.


A common misconception is that everything is far too technical so you can’t do it.  There are parts that are technical, but that’s not everything.  As long as you are comfortable on a computer, you have what it takes, then we need you!  Experience is helpful but not necessary. We will train you! For more information just email us.


Do you have steady hands?  Ever considered camera work? Send us an email if you have a desire to run one of our Sunday sermon cams.


Each week we have new people visiting and checking out DCFC. Here you get the chance to help them connect! They will be able to engage because you are there to put up the lyrics and Scriptures throughout the morning.


Graphic designers, writers, artists, and photographers are a great asset to DCFC. We have a big vision and a spirit of excellence!  Come be a part of the team that makes everyone else look good!


Do you have a keen ear for sound? Bring those amazing ears to this team! Without you, no one would hear the message of Jesus Christ!


Our youth ministry is an exciting place to be involved!  Not only do we get to be crazy and have fun, but we have the opportunity to impact students at a crucial time in their lives! For more information email us!


Psalm 145:4 says, “One generation shall praise Your works to another, and shall declare Your mighty acts.” We have been given the privilege and responsibility of leading the next generation in faith!

NURSERY (Infants 6 mo – 3 yrs)

Do you love babies? No need to prepare lessons, just prayer and lots of love! In the nursery, we have the wonderful opportunity to allow parents to focus their attention toward God knowing that their baby is being tenderly cared for. Even at the youngest age, they enjoy the music and company of other babies and loving reminders of God’s special love and care for them.


PreSchoolers are ENTHUSIASTIC!  Here we have time for free play and music to introduce the Bible stories which engage them with a creative application of faith and lots of love.


We love to do more than just Sunday mornings. During these events, we provide a place for families to have fun and interact!


This team gets the opportunity to pray over those making life-changing decisions as well as being a part of the follow-up team where we can contact those who turned their lives toward Christ.



Needs can vary from a meal for a family after the birth of a newborn or surgery to helping a single mom move. We love helping hands within our church volunteering their time and talents to brothers and sisters in need.


What do you do from here? Email us [email protected]